Pre-stretched 30 Inches Synthetic Braiding Hair Extensions


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Pre-stretched Braiding Hair

  • Prestretched Braiding Hair Synthetic Fiber Hair Extensions .
  • The prestretched braiding hair made with human friendly low temperature flame-retardant synthetic fiber. 
  • Soft as human hair, Ultra Light&comfortable to wear with long lasting different braiding hairstyles.
  • You will feel amazing with the braiding hair and get lots of compliments.


6-8 packs for full head

Customer Reviews

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Hair: Toyotress Pre-Stretched Braiding hair #T530 done by me!


This hair...😱
I may never use beauty supply store braiding hair again. This hair is soft and sooo easy to work with. I'm amazed at the quality of this hair. I took a chance and purchased it based on a video review that was posted, and everything she mentioned was true. The packs of hair appear as if they don't have enough hair but I've come to the conclusion that it must be magic hair. I can't figure out how the hair in the pack seems so minimal yet it's not. My only and I mean ONLY qualm about this hair is that the color showed in the picture was not the same in presentation as what you receive. I ordered the three tone black,pink, and purple hair, however the pink is no where near as vibrant and prevalent as it is shown in the photo. The hair was used to braid my 8 year old daughter's hair and she didn't complain about the color. I just wanted to make other buyers aware because someone may be more particular about the color. The bottom line is GET THIS HAIR! You will not be disappointed. The quality is top notch and that's coming from someone that has been wearing braids and braiding for years.


This hair is soft and does not tangle


I have been doing hair for many years "braiding" etc. I would recommend this brand to anyone!


This hair is phenomenal. I did jumbo knotless braids and only used 4 packs. There is more than enough hair for multiple styles. The length is just right for me.