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Belinda Crawford from FB group

I love these Tiana Passion Twist 20" | Pre-Twisted Pre-Looped Pre-Twisted Synthetic Crochet Hair color T350


These were so cute! If you want a full head I would order an extra couple packs because I didn’t have enough hair to cover the back. I took the style out after a month but I’m sure it could last longer, I saved the braids so I could do the style again. Love this style I ordered 1B/30


I won’t lie this exceeded my expectations I can’t remember how long I waited but I wasn’t impatient... took me like 8 hours to install... the rubber band method is easier so it’s nice that they have rubber bands included. I had like 3 small packets left and each had like 24 strands


I love this hair!! I brought two big packs but used like a pack and a half. It didn’t frizz and super soft. I had it like 2-3 weeks this photo . Just buy it! Update on 4/14/21 - I purchased another pack !

اسيا عع

This hair is awesome. It is high quality, looks great, stays twisted, doesn’t have a smell and last through pools and washings. Such a time saver and the color is amazingβ€”doesn’t bleed when wet or during washing.

I am writing this review as I am placing a new order before y’all take them all.

Only wish is for it to be 8 packs. 7 is doable but 8 would be amazing. It looks like they have a 2 pack available now so buy both. You can reuse the hair which makes it worth it.

Lastly, the very ends (like less than an half inch) do get a little straight after wearing them for about a month but I have just snipped them off with no worries