Toceana Wavy Locs Pre-looped Synthetic Braiding Hair 8 Packs



Weight Stands
16 INCH 65 g/pack  12 stands/pack
24 INCH 100 g/pack 12 stands/pack
About this item:

Color: 5 colors available(1B,T27,T30,Gray,OT-bug)
Stands: 12 stands in a pack
Material: Synthetic
Manufacturer: Toyotress

Tired of the almost same hairstyle around you? With Toceana Wavy Locs hair extension, you could style your hair and create a unique hairstyle very easily. Toceana Wavy Locs are the closest to the texture of real hair with multi-color choices. Also, it is 100% handmade with high-quality synthetic hair, it feels so soft and fluffy, and there is no need to worry about the itchy, smell, and tangle. Every loc is different and has its own curl and wave pattern for stunning styles. with several packs of Toceana Wavy Locs, you could make a hairstyle at a very affordable price. And it can save you a lot of time, imagining your visit to the hairdresser on Sunday afternoon, now Toceana Wavy Locs could let you have a different Sunday. Just start your beautiful day with Toceana.

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