Bohemian Faux Locs with Curl Crochet Hair 22" | New Color Arrival Pre-Twisted Pre-Looped Faux Locs Crochet Synthetic Braiding Hair


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❤ Slay your new protective styling with our pre-looped Bohemian Faux Locs with Curl.

Lightweight and super easy to install

❤ Length: 12"/14”/18”/22”/26”

Colour: Natural color options, no need to worry about color exaggeration.


We repeatedly washed the hair before leaving the factory. Since everyone has different scalp sensitivity, if you have a sensitive reaction, please soak your hair into ACV before wearing it.

Customer Reviews

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Just realized I didn’t take as many pictures as I thought (had these near the beginning of the school year and as a teacher, the time just flew by!) so these pictures are from Gifs I made for assignments 😂 this hair got me MANY compliments and my hairstylist didn’t have any issues with the install. Definitely getting them again!


4I was super nervous about trying crochet locs again . I’ve had terrible experience in the past from a diff company. I tried this one and I am in love. The color scared me at first because i don’t do much color but this is wonderful. It comes with a crochet needle, a couple accent charms and 2 duck bill clips. Easy to install, but you definitely have to take your time when pulling the loose hair through the loop. Although it’s not that soft it’s not extremely rough either . The color 1B/27 was a perfect mixture as well. It’s only been about an hour since i installed it and I feel like I will definitely buy this again . I used all 6 packs of the hair minus six strands. Try it for yourself .


I liked everything about the product and received a lot of compliments


These are great and very natural looking. They aren't shiny or smelly like some other brands. The only downside is that you have to work a little to ensure you catch the loop so they don't unravel during install but that's not a deal breaker. I highly recommend these!

Raeneesa B.

This is my first time getting this style. After installing I was happy with how it looks! I've had this style in for about 3 days now and no major complaints. Some of the curls do get a little tangled or fizzed bit but after adding some of my curl foam it seemed to help resolve that it. I've already purchased a second bag. You get 6 packs inside of one bag and I only used 5 of the 6. If I could change one thing it would be to have this style is more color options like purple. Other than that, I love this!