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Just wow !!

I love this hair I’m not that great at doing my own hair and I discovered this during lockdown I’ve gotten better with each install and every time I get so many compliments I’ve ordered this hair several time s and will keep ordering !!!!!

5 Stars!

This hair is amazing! Great quality and super sexy. I absolutely love it!

Pamela Turner

I ordered my Wavy Locs Nov 23rd and I just received my order yesterday.
I did have to contact Toyotress a few times, but they followed up & came through by keeping me updated. Toyotress even gave me a discount coupon for my next order so I am happy. Patience & Communication was the key. Thank you Toyotress.

Danette Johnson
My holiday hair

I bought the 16” OT-BUG. And, yes, the roots are black and it ombre's into that deep red beautifully. Just like I wanted. I ran out of my ACV for my usual soak so I just used my normal conditioner for the soak and it came out fine. I think doing some kind of soak pre-install will give this hair that natural, worn look to make it blend better with your hair.
The ends were so smooth, even after the wash, and tangled minimally after 2 weeks of wear. The top part of the locs didn’t unravel and held their shape well.
I’m giving this 4 stars because the loops are slightly too small for the hair. The top half of the loc is a medium size (not the biggest, but not the smallest) so it didn’t always clear the crochet hook 100% of the time. Also, 6 packs is really pushing it for a full head. 7 would have been a sweet spot for me, as I like a full head of hair. Not ignorantly full, but I don’t want to see the cornrows underneath that I used for my foundation. But I made do.

I’d still recommend.

Romaine C Head

So this other company stopped making this particular product I loved and saw Toyotress and said it couldn’t be possible!!! IT WAS POSSIBLE!! 8P fills my whole head with some leftover… The price was worthy as I was paying twice more. The loops are PERFECT!! Not too big and not a defective one in the bunch.. Will purchase again. Please don’t stop making these colors!! ❤️🔥