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Toyotress Satin Night-Time Bonnet - Extra Large, Double Layer, Adjustable Satin Cap for Sleeping Hair Bonnet

 About this item:

Toyotress Satin Nighttime Bonnet with Premium Quality: Recommended for dry hair, not for wet hair or oiled hair.

Toyotress Satin Nighttime Bonnet Features with Elastic Thin Bands and Drawstring: Our satin bonnet has an adjustable and stretchable head size for comfortable wear;

Multifunctional Satin Bonnet: This satin silk bonnet is not only suitable for sleeping but convenient for you when you're washing face, bathing, and doing skincare; The silk satin bonnet also performs great as a headcover for cancer & chemo patients, because the satin lining of the silk bonnet would protect your hair from losing badly; Also, a soft front and large room are designed for long hair and large heads.