2022 Toyotress Holiday Hairstyles

2022 Toyotress Holiday Hairstyles

It’s the Holiday season and amazing hair is a must! Many people have a hard time choosing styles for this time of year and we’re here to help! We have style ideas for holiday pictures with the family, an office party, an intimate gathering with friends or for a black-tie affair! So, if you’re looking for the perfect style to match your holiday cheer, we’ve got you covered!


Love Crochet Styles? Here are a few that will go with any look.

Beach Curls

This style has a smooth shiny texture. It can be paired with any holiday outfit and accessorized with a headband or brooch. Beach curls also look beautiful without accessories.

There is a special technique to installing these curls. First, cornrow your natural hair. Then, install the beach curls. When installing the curls, it’s important to use thin pieces of the hair for each section and place several knots in to secure the hair to the braid. This will prevent the hair from slipping off your cornrows.

Jamaican Bounce

Headed to a small holiday gathering with friends? Try this style.

Jamaican Bounce has a more natural texture and is easier to install than beach curls or wavy crochet. You can pull this style up or wear it down. Either way this style is gorgeous!

Jamaican bounce hair is also installed by cornrowing the natural hair and crocheting the Jamaican bounce hair to the cornrows.

Butterfly Locs

Looking for a fun or elegant look that can be changed easily? Here’s a style for you!

Butterfly Locs are easy to install and require cornrows or individual braids accomplish the look. You can choose from many colors and lengths. Pictured is a beautiful burgundy color that would be perfect for classic holiday attire. As well as a fun rosy pink with black that can be worn for a gathering with friends and easily transformed into an office party style by removing the colored locs.

Toceana Wavy Locs

Want locs without the full experience? The Toceana Wavy Locs will not disappoint! They have the perfect feel of natural Locs and are very lightweight. These can also be installed by crocheting them into cornrows or attaching them to individual braids. Each option offers a beautiful hairstyle that can be worn for any occasion, from dressing up in an evening gown to your favorite pair of jeans. This style is very Versatile!

Tip: To maintain beauty and to have minimal frizz, add equal parts fabric softener and water to a spray bottle. Spray the locs liberally at least once per week.

Wigs Are Easy to Install

Bob with Bangs

For a more subtle quick look, you can wear a straight Bob wig with bangs. This is a very simple, but classy look. It requires minimal styling to your actual hair. You can cornrow it or place it in a low ponytail. This style is also very versatile and can be worn for any occasion.

Body Wave

For an elegant more realistic look for the holidays, you can wear this, Beauty. She is giving a classier look that would fit right in for any holiday gala or office party. She requires minimal preparation for install.

bob wave synthetic wig

I’m sure someone will be impressed with your super cute trendy and unique hairstyle this year. Make sure you tell them where you received your hair from! Enjoy your events, take pictures, be safe and take time to enjoy this holiday season.

Happy Holidays from Toyotress Hair!


Written by @shavanfulton


I’ve tried toyotress hair for a long time! I really like and enjoy your hair.


Beautiful Styles with Great instructions on installation and care. Love,Love The Butterfly Locs🦋

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