New Year, New Look!

New Year, New Look!

2022 is coming to an end and we want to look our best! What better way to look amazing than with the perfect hairstyle? Let’s talk about a few options that will guarantee to catch someone’s attention!



Straight Bob

 Sleek, smooth, lightweight and low maintenance are ways to describe the straight bob. This style is perfect and ready to be worn with any sequin or sparkle for your New Year’s Eve party. This is also a great look for jeans and a t-shirt. You can’t go wrong with the simple yet chic look of this style.


It’s easy to install. Just be sure that your natural hair is pulled into a low ponytail or cornrowed into the desired style. This will make it simple to place the straight bob wig on to your head with no bulging or extra volume from the natural hair

new trendy in 2023 on toyotress hair


Drawstring Ponytail

Let’s style a long curly ponytail that you don’t even need to curl. Have you ever worn a 22 inch Ponytail? If you have, let’s try it again, but If you haven’t let’s do it!

1.Simply pull your natural hair into a ponytail, high or low and make sure you smooth out your hair with the proper products.
2.Put the drawstring ponytail in the desired place and you can secure it by pushing the combs from the ponytail into your hair under your natural ponytail.
3.Once you have done this, pull the drawstring. Wrap the drawstring around and until you get to the end, grab a few bobby pins for a secured look.
4.You can stop here or take a small section of the ponytail and wrap it around over the drawstring, secure it with bobby pins and spray a little holding spray of your choice.

Drawstring Ponytail hairstyle

Toceana Curly Locs

For an easy yet elegant look, install these beautiful crochet curly locs! This look can be worn up or down. These have a very natural texture and are super lightweight.

1.Use your normal method of preparing your natural hair for crocheting. (Cornrows, connected plaits, individual braids etc.)
2.Take a crochet needle and attach each loc until your hair is full enough for the desired style.
The possibilities are endless when styling these locs. They are perfect for your NYE event or your everyday look. ‘

Tip: To maintain beauty and have minimal frizz, add equal parts fabric softener and water to a spray bottle. Spray the locs liberally at least once per week.

toceana curly locs toyotress crochet braiding hair

Half up, Half down looks are all the rave this holiday season! Water Wave crochet can be worn for this style.

Water Wave (for Passion Twist)

1.This is a crochet hairstyle and you would prep your natural hair as usual to install the hair.
2.To ensure the hair is secure, there is a special technique that you will use. Take very thin sections of the water wave hair, crochet it through and tie several knots to the braid. This prevents the hair from slipping off of you cornrows.
3.For the half up half down look, pull the front half of your hair into a ponytail and leave the back half down.
4.You can also wear it all down or all up depending on the occasion.

water wave for passion twist toyotress crochet braiding hair

Jamaican Bounce
This style has a more natural texture and is easier to install than beach curls or wavy crochet. You can pull this style up or wear it down. Either way this style is gorgeous!
Jamaican bounce hair is also installed by cornrowing the natural hair and crocheting the Jamaican bounce hair to the cornrows.

Half up, Half down - Bantu Knots
1.For the front of your hair, part it across from ear to ear. Next, part it into the desired number of sections for the knots. Rubber band them or plait them and crochet the appropriate amount of hair in each section. Twist the hair and wrap it around into a knot for each section.
2.For the back of your hair, use your normal method of preparation for crocheting. Then crochet in your Jamaican Bounce curls and enjoy your beautiful style.

Half up, Half down - Ponytail
1.Prep your hair in the preferred method for crocheting.
2.Install your Jamaican Bounce Hair.
3.Pull the front of you hair up into a ponytail and leave the back of you hair down to Create a gorgeous, half up, half down look.

toyotress wand curl crochet braiding hair

Bring in the New Year with one of these amazing looks! Feel and look confident when you show up at your NYE Celebration with your Toyotress hairstyle. Enjoy your family and friends, take lots of pictures, be safe and start the new year off in style!

Happy New Year from Your Friends at Toyotress Hair!!


Written by @shavanfulton

Ericka Carter

Passion Twist will be my first choice for new year!

Kieonna Smith-Walker

cheer to 2023!


I received a lot of compliments when I wear Toyotress hair! For now! I love the short bob wig! Its so cute!


Love Toyotress hair! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Toyotressers!


I have tried the curly locs in the summer! Love this hairstyle so much! I will buy one for my new year!

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