I have noticed a lot of you asking me individual questions on my prepping process so I will be starting a series of videos where I will break down each step and why it is important. Most of these steps are optional, or as I stated in the video, they may have alternatives. Hope you guys enjoy and learn! Please leave a comment below on any other individual steps in the box braid or feed in process that you would like me to better explain.

pre-stretched braiding hair

The truth will set you free the fresh little piss you off hey guys.so jumping right in i am starting off with a fresh pack of braiding hair and if you have ever had an issue with your braids unraveling at the end then this video is perfect for you.

Because this is the first and most important step in prepping braiding hair for any type of braided hairstyles that i do and as you can see here without feathering the hair. The hair tends to unravel when it gets to the ends and it does not so well at all and so i'm showing you.the difference between a non feathered braid and a feathered braid to feather.the hair i'm gonna hold it loosely in my hand and i am pulling strands at the bottom of the hair and basically.

pre-stretched braiding hair

What does this is gonna do is kind of create a feathered look towards the end of the braid making it kind of staggered and uneven.so that when you are braiding all the way to the end your braid will hold a lot better as you are completing this process is super important that you finger detangle the hair as you go. Because you will notice that the hair kind of tangles up as you pull those strands so you just want to finger detangle and then you continue pulling min a real time.this step takes me about five minutes to complete and some people choose to do this as you go but i found that it saves me a lot of time.if i complete this prior to starting the braided hairstyle also now the way the game is set up you can buy pre-stretched braiding hair.so if you are someone who wants to skip this step off together because not gonna lie it's annoying as then i would definitely recommend a pre-layered braiding hair or pre-stretched braiding hair for you and this is the finished look of the feathered hair.so you could see in comparison some.when we started it is staggered at the bottom and i did not even lose a lot of hair.so in this process you should not be losing a lot of hair which is why it's important that you finger detangle as you go so any time you pull a piece of hair from this

Bunch.now it should be feathered which you guys can see here hope you guys enjoyed this video i will be giving you guys more prepping tips make sure you guys like comment subscribe and i will check you guys in my next video.


December 17, 2018 — zheng zhihao

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