This blog we will share some videos from our sis and ambassador Marykbella, you can check how toyotress hair looks like and learn some tutorials. Hope these information will help you and give you the inspiration! 


Toyotress Tiana Passion Twist

Item: Tiana Passion Twist

Length: 10 inches

Colour: 1B+T27+T30

Front piece was stretched=>Scalp love=>Braid procession=>Toyotress hair showing=>Installation=>More colors mixed and jewels=>Applause!!!


Toyotress Butterfly Locs

Item: Butterfly Locs

Length: 12inches

Colour: 1B

Easy illusion crochet braid pattern=>Toyotress hair showing(fluffy and destressed)=>Installation=>Enjoy this hairstyle and dance=>Applause!!!


Toyotress Bob spring Twist


Length: 12inches

Colour: 1B

How to install so the knot is on the bottom underneath the braid!


Toyotress Goddess Locs

Item: Goddess Locs

Length: 18 inches

Colour: 1B+T30+T27 

Different braiding methods can diversify hairstyles!!!


Toyotress Ocean Wave Crochet Hair

 Item: Ocean Wave

Length: 9inches

Colour: P1B-118

P-COLOR collection is our brand's original hairstyle, you don't need to buy separate colors anymore!


 Toyotress Tiana Passion Twist New Color Arrival

Item: Tiana Passion Twist

Length: 14inches

Colour: OT30-27

New color OT30/27 is a bomb! Watch this video and see how amazing it is! 


 Toyotress JAMAICAN Wand curl Crochet Hair

Item: Wand Curl

Length: 6 inches

Colour: 1B

If you want to have a heart-shaped hairstyle, you must try this wand curl! So bouncy and soft!


 Toyotress Bohemian Braiding Crochet Hair


Length: 12 inches

Colour: 1B

We hope you have a wonderful shopping journey at toyotress. Any questions please feel free to email us at admin@toyotress.com


Toyotress-Be beautiful, Be different

January 05, 2023 — XieLucy


Williams-M said:

I have watched each video from Marykbella! Big fan!

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