Top 5 Things You Need to Know about Passion Twist

Top 5 Things You Need to Know about Passion Twist

  • 1.How long does it take to do Passion Twist

    Passion twist it's a really pretty hairstyle I've been wearing mine for about a month Now I'll give you a close-up of what those look like a little bit later but they don't actually take that long.Now some people may look at it and be like oh my gosh that looks complicated it looks like it takes a long time to do it.Really doesn't it takes about the same amount of time that it takes for me to do my Marly twists if you've watched my passion to a tutorial. I do have a toddler so I can't give you a straight amount of time amount of hours that it takes me to do them.Just because I take a lot of breaks but it didn't take me significantly longer than my marley twists which I've done two or three times now.So the good thing about it is that this hair at all it already comes curly so it's not like a senegalese twist where you have to twist the hair.Once you kind of like twisted and if you twist it firmly enough it comes out perfectly.Don't shy away from doing this style Because you think it takes long cuz it really doesn't

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  • 2.How many packs of passion twist takes.

   What you need to know is that it takes a lot of packs of hair.Okay especially if you're using the Free Tress water with the same pack that I was not expecting to use nine packs of hair.But I did have to end up using nine packs of hair.Usually when I'm doing my Marly twists I use about seven packs And with this Passion Twist I bought eight packs just to be safe and just to have a few extras you know to touch up.If I wanted to and I needed nine in the end so definitely be prepared for that.

  • 3.How much does it cost?

   You can buy it a at or Amazon(Toyotress Store), only 34.99 for 6 pack

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  • 4.How long it lasts.

   Now this hair does not last or should say this hair style does not last that long because the hair is curly.It frizzes up really easily so see if I can get a close-up here and show you so on camera it doesn't really look at that bad but in real life you can see How frizzy it's gotten and it's not bad.But the hairstyle is meant to be a little bit more like shiny and like smooth and nice. It's not really one of those hairstyles where you can get away with the frizz like working in your favor.It's just basically going to look old and because the actual hair that you're using and the pack their curls are not like supposed to look frizzy in this way like.It's just not so I would say that the hairstyles gonna last you about a month if you stretch it longer than that then maybe you can just bun it or do different hairstyles stuff with it.But after a month like right now it's pretty much run its course throughout my time of having it I have touched up the front .so I just took out the front redid them re twist them and so you know the parts were a little bit more clean again and it was a little bit more tight in the Front.But other than that the actual hair itself won't last that it won't last longer than a month.But you can prolong it a little bit you can do certain things to keep it.One thing that you can do is reapply mousse once every few days to keep the frizz at bay to keep the shine it also loses its shine and its luster after a while so you can take the mousse that you use to set it in the first place and you can just keep applying that after a few days.Another thing that you can do is pineapple your hair at night or sleep with a satin bonnet that's something I didn't do.To be honest the 1 of like in protective hairstyle mode I'm kind of slack with my hair routine like I'm not gonna lie um I'm not really trying to sleep with satin bonnet but my satin bonnet can't even fit all of this hair under it.So what I would do is just pineapple it I just put everything on top and you know threw it in a pineapple and slept with it.

  • 5.The last thing you do not have to be an expert to do this hairstyle

   If you watch my passion twist tutorial seriously you already know it's not that hard.I did those passion twist for the very first time that was my very first time doing it and filming the tutorial and sending it off and showing you guys. It's not that hard to do so don't think that you know I've never done twist because I've never done for a protective style because anything like that you can do this hairstyle.Once you master the technique of how to attach the hair at the root you can do any twist style that you want and you can definitely do this hairstyle.So don't think that it's complicated and it's hard it's gonna be a little bit of a challenge your first time but you can get through it and you can come out with a full head of passion twist in the end. So believe in yourself and believe that you can do it because I believe that you can do it and I know that you could do it. If you do with the passion twist hairstyle please tag me on Instagram if you do it after watching my tutorial please tag me on Instagram so I can see what your passion twist look like.

May 04, 2019 — longjian sun