“Started with the virgin hair business, we were always keeping our brand-exclusive heart of kids, just like the purity of the virgin hair, we always pursue more access to authenticity and nature, with upholding the conception of “BE BEAUTIFUL, BE DIFFERENT”, we also want you to possess healthier products while enjoying the beauty.”
—Founder Zheng

That will be more direct and attractive to know Toyotress in this exclusive way--the interview from Toyotress’ Founder--Zheng.

--What inspired you to open the hair business and how was it going?
Zheng: I prefer to make a brief timeline to demonstrate our developing process.
1989’--Back to Father’s Time, with the benefit of hair history, our hometown had launched the hair business on a scale, father also started the affairs with hair acquisition. Of course, for the living at first.
1999’--With the fact that hair on market then was really uneven in quality, the idea of making our own hair products with superior quality had emerged, so then came with our small-scale hair workshop.
2009’--Driven by the high-quality orientation, the products we made went on popular among a large group of local hair enterprises in the US. But at that time we only played the OEM role. It was the chance later when I went there that totally expose us directly to the local market. They were just so interested and satisfied with the hair we made, which opened the door of our B2B business. It was a tough time, but everything paid off.
2019’--The passion and efforts towards our work those years have rewarded us with local customers' love and trust beyond imagination. Since then our brand Toyotress was born with a large number of fans. When the hair e-commerce boost globally, Toyotress was lucky to catch the opportunity to finish the transformation of B2B to B2C, we could reach our fans directly via our e-commerce platforms.

--Since more and more hair enterprises have been set up, what do you think are your most beneficial pros to develop a hair business?
Zheng: As you can see, Toyotress has been going through almost 30 years of development, from a personal matter to a scaled company, we kept a modest way of development, symbolizing the spirit of crafts. Inferiority or superiority? Machinery or handmade? Harmful or healthy? We always choose the latter. And the customers will perceptively feel the sincerity that our products have transferred.

--How do you recognize the current situation of your hair market?
Zheng: Markets will never stay the same, that’s why we keep inconstantly adjusting our product strategy. We launched varied hair products to cater to the changing markets, in which process the most popular styles could be figured out. Except for the natural color, we also paid efforts lot to explore the colorful hair market. Now we’ve prepared full for human hair wig, still under the philosophy of quality first. Although the markets are always unstable, we have the confidence to surpass any difficulties as Toyotress’ all products are based on customers’ feedback and repeated test.

--What’s Toyotress’ vision for the near future?
Fans will expect more from Toyotress, which will drive us to take more efforts in developing new-style as well as superior hair, we always believe that beauty is never about truth or falsity, it was the sincerity that always stands long. We hope Toyotress is not only making hair business but also cultivating the permanent confidence of the female groups, helping ladies across the globe possess the hairstyle shift of their dreams.

Messages from the founder:
Bow here to express our gratitude for your love for Toyotress, faced with unknown challenges and opportunities, we may be growing fast in near future, but we will still adhere to our start-up ethos. Go ahead, ladies, to be beautiful, to be different because we are always here to promote and support your beauty career.