NEVER OUT OF STYLE FROM @designsbyjazmyne

NEVER OUT OF STYLE FROM @designsbyjazmyne

Are you looking for a NEW CROCHET STYLE that will give you a new look for the new year? Toyotress and our sis Jaz will give you some inspiration! Keep moving! 

1. What is pre-stretched hair and how do you creat a new style?

2. How to use marley twist to do a Boho Twist Style?

3. Wand twist? It's easy to achieve it with Jamaican bounce crochet hair!

4. What are crochet box braids?  How to achieve this stylish style?

5. Look at Toyotress Butterfly Locs New Colors Arrivals! 


 What is pre-stretched hair?

-Pre-stretched braiding hair is the hottest braiding hair on the market! The ends are stretched to give it more of natural look. This hair is lightweight and does not tangle easily. 
Pre-stretched hair saves you both time and energy so that you don’t have to manually stretch the hair. 

What styles can be created with pre-stretched hair? 

-You can create a variety of styles with this hair such as box braids, twist , feed-ins and knotless braids.

How to achieve this stylish look?

-You will need 6 packs of pre stretched braiding hair. 

Step 1: Take the first bundle of hair and split it evenly in 3 parts. You will be able to make 3 braids out of each bundle. 

Step 2: Part your hair to your liking (square, triangle, hearts) to pre-section the parts. This will make the installation process easier. 

Step 3: Start braiding your hair, then gradually add in pieces of the braiding hair for a natural feed in look. 

Step 4: Add rubber bands to the end of your braid once it has reached ear length. 

Step 5: Use rubber bands to create bubbles that are two inches apart. You can leave the bubble knots this size or stretch the bubbles to make them bigger.

Final Step: Always add accessories! This give any look that extra pop! 

My feeling of this hair

My favorite things about this hair was that I didn’t have to spend time stretching the hair to get rid of blunt ends.
The texture of this hair was very similar to my natural hair which made it easy to blend in. I love having hair that allows me to completely switch up my look FAST!
I felt like a goddess after installing these beautiful braids. 💗 Toyotress always delivers quality hair that is bold , fun and trendy!

If you’re looking for a trendy and easy style to try in 2023— I would highly recommend these knotless bubble braids! 


Boho Twist Style

For this style, I used a mixture of Marley braid crochet and water wave hair. 
By combining these two hair textures together you’re able to create a natural 3c texture. 

Pros of this hairstyle:
-This style can be worn for months. In fact, the older it gets the more natural the style looks. You can style this hair in a variety of ways — updo, straight down or a high ponytail. This hair is super lightweight but also fluffy enough to create the “big hair” look. 

How to achieve:

Step 1: Part hair to your liking. For this style, I did simple square parts. 

Step 2: Use rubber bands to section off your hair and make installing faster. 

Step 3: Crochet the marly and water wave hair through your first box section. 

Step 4: Grip your natural hair and start twisting it into the hair extensions. Be sure to use a gel or edge control on your natural hair to help lock the twist in place and create a smoother look. 

Step 5: Twist the hair all the way down until you’ve reached the end and repeat the process on the next box. 

Final Step: Always add accessories! This gives your twist that extra pop and also creates an easy boho look. 

My feeling of this hair

I love this style because it makes me feel like I’m ready to go on vacation! The water wave and Marley hair both offer different textures that create the perfect island vibe. I love how fluffy but also silky the hair is. I got soooo many compliments when I wore this style out. Not to mention the longer you leave the twist in the more natural the hair looks. Toyotress hair always makes me feel beautiful, empowered and gorgeous when I wear it! 



For this style, we will create a new hairstyle based on the original method.
Still, easy to install.
No hard feelings and save your time, especially when you wanna hang out or on your duty as a white-collar worker in a rush morning.

How to achieve:
Step 1: twist your hair into box braids using an original method with some rubber bands.
Simple square parts or triangle parts are both ok for these hairstyles.

Step 2: Section off your hair and make installing faster.

Step 3: Grad this curl from the other side, and pull it to the other side.
Taking the crochet hook to go through will be easier.

Step 4: Start by twisting these curls on your natural hair. Maybe use half of the pack or one pack. Wrap these braids around with Wand Curls.

Step 5: Adjust it in a controlled way to fit your desirable place.

Step 6: Twist the hair in the same direction with the whole head and run your hands down. Repeat this process the entire time until you finish it.

Final Step: Trim the tail to make sure it won't look weird. Use some cute decorations or hair clips to make some stylish hairstyles under all kinds of circumstances.


What are crochet box braids?

Crochet box braids are the fastest and most efficient way to get braids without having to sit in the chair for hours! This method is considered to be a protective style that is stylish and also tension free. Most crochet styles can be achieved in 3 hours with 7-8 packs of hair. 

Pros of crochet hair:
-Quick install
-Tension free
-Protects natural hair
-Variety of colors and styles available 
-Hair can be reused and reinstalled again after wearing it

How to achieve this stylish look?

Step 1: Braid your natural hair down flat to create a sturdy foundation. 

Step 2: Start from the base of your neck and work up to the crown of your head. 
You will need a crochet hook to install and pull the crochet braid through your natural hair. (Each crochet braid has a loop on the top for easy installation.)

Step 3: Repeat the crochet process until you’ve filled in ALL gaps and spaces in your hair. 

Step 4: If you wish you add curly pieces use water wave curly strands and crochet the hair through your braid. 
Once installed, use both ends of the hair to tie a knot and secure and the hair in place. 

Final Step: Always add accessories! This gives any look that extra pop!

My feeling of this hair

This looks was super fun to install. Usually I have to sit in the chair for 6-8 hours to get box braids but Toyotress has changed the game with their crochet box braid hair! 
These braids allowed me to completely change up my hair color to a honey blonde color . It’s safe to say I definitely felt like Beyoncé. Lol. These braids were high quality , easy to install  and super affordable! Definitely a must try style if you’re a braid lover! 


 Toyotress Butterfly Locs 16 inch New Color OT30

The final look you don't do anything! Just install them and here you go! 



Toyotress-Be beautiful, be different.

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